CABIN FEVER Is Set To Be Remade! Details Inside

Most of you know that CABIN FEVER (2002) is a great Horror film which was directed by Eli Roth. The story followed five college friends that had decided to go to the woods and rent a cabin to have some fun. Little did they know that a ter... read more

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The Newest Trailer For THE QUIET ONES Is Here!

With a team like Lionsgate, Exclusive Media, Traveling Picture Show Company, Midfield Films, and Hammer Films, the upcoming Horror movie THE QUIET ONES has built up some momentum for it's release next month. From director John Pogue, and i... read more

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Trailer For Eli Roth's THE GREEN INFERNO Finally Arrives!

Try and imagine being part a group of college friends who are all are protesting for a native tribe of people that are in trouble. You all journey to the Amazon jungle and once there you are kidnapped by the same tribe of people that you ... read more

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Jason Voorhees Returns In JASON XMAS! See The First 2 Parts Right Here!

If you are craving something new from the world of Jason Voorhees then you have come to the right place. That's right, the relentless killing machine from Crystal Lake has returned. This time in a very clever fan web series format brought ... read more

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Inspired By True Events Comes HOUSE OF DUST - See The Trailer Here!

Redding House Asylum. For some, it is a reminder of a different time when medical treatment of the clinically insane involved cruel torture for the poor unfortunate souls. For one particular group of unsuspecting college students, it is th... read more

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The Upcoming Miniseries ROSEMARY'S BABY Has A Brand New Trailer!

If you are in the market for some new Horror to watch on your television, you should enjoy this next bit of information. NBC's upcoming miniseries event ROSEMARY'S BABY is quickly approaching it's television debut. Directed by Agnieska Holl... read more

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The Newest Addition To The Elm Street Prequel KRUEGER Is Here!

There are a lot of fans out there that are curious as to what all went on in Freddy Krueger's life before he was burned alive. One such fan, Chris Notarile, has taken this wonder and from 2011-2014 has created a now four part short film se... read more

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New Indy Horror Flick FEED THE DEVIL Has A New Trailer!

Peter Proffit Pictures in association with Happy Hour Films comes the new independent psychological Horror film FEED THE DEVIL. Max Perrier takes on the director's chair, exploring eerie ways for us to experience fear. The title of this fil... read more

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Check Out The Wicked Trailer For The Upcoming Creature Feature INDIGENOUS!

It is always fun to be able to go on a vacation. The chance to get away from the madness that we have come to know as everyday life. For some people, those fun vacations can turn into terrible nightmares. Take for example in the upcoming f... read more

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Twisted, Creepy, & Unsettling - See The Bizarre Trailer For BORGMAN Here!

From director Alex van Warmerdam and Drafthouse Films comes the strange and twisted independent flick BORGMAN. Having a successful run at TIFF, the movie follows an enigmatic vagrant who enters the lives of an upper class family and quickl... read more

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PropDomain's Next Big Horror & Sci/Fi Screen Used Prop Auction Saturday April 12th- Bid Now!

Welcome to PROPDOMAIN's seventeenth big auction! From SCREEN USED HORROR and SCI/FI PROPS used in X-MEN, FANTASTIC 4, STAR WARS, STAR TREK, HELLBOY, LAND OF THE LOST, FRANKENSTEIN, BLADE, 300, and CHUCKY, to OOAK costumes &... read more

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The First Details For THE GRUDGE Reboot Are Here!

Just this past month we all learned the news that Sam Raimi's Ghost House Pictures and Good Universe are planning to reboot THE GRUDGE. That alone is huge news and many fans are excited about what is to come with the franchise. At the time... read more

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A Terrifying Discovery Leads To An Inescapable Nightmare In BLOOD GLACIER - Trailer Is Within!

The film which was originally called THE STATION had it's screening at the Toronto Film Festival this past year. The movie must have displayed something very special to it's viewers as IFC Midnight scooped it up and are now preparing for the... read more

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BATES MOTEL Renewed For A 3rd Season! Details Are Within

BATES MOTEL has really picked up some steam lately with season 2, stepping up and offering a nailbiting atmosphere which is a lot of fun. Now that the second season has reached it's halfway mark, the big news has come in that the series ha... read more

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Get Your Autographed Copy Of HOLLISTON Season 2 Right Here!

Are you a fan of HOLLISTON? If so here is your chance to get your piece of history in the form of a Blu-ray of HOLLISTON Season 2 autographed by the men themselves, Adam Green and Joe Lynch! The only way to receive that deal is ... read more

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See The Brutal New Clip Plus Featurette Video For STAGE FRIGHT Here!

STAGE FRIGHT tells the story of a snobby musical theater camp terrorized by a blood thirsty masked killer who despises musical theater. Below you will find a couple of new videos for STAGE FRIGHT. The first is a brutal new clip and the oth... read more

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One of Horror's busiest soldiers today would have to be Jason Blum. He has become a well known name within the genre, keeping busy with all of the work that he does through Blumhouse Productions. Movies such as SINISTER, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY... read more

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GODZILLA Has A New Trailer & 2 New TV Spots - View Them Here!

GODZILLA is gearing up for the 60th Anniversary and the monster is coming back to the big screen in a huge way. Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures team up to create an epic rebirth to Toho’s iconic GODZILLA. This adventure displays the wor... read more

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The First Teaser Trailer For HOUSE OF MANSON Is Here!

Charles Manson has had his likeness brought to television and film over the years and it continues to take place and most likely will be retold in many more ways as the years come and go. The latest attempt at a retelling is the upcoming bi... read more

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A New Creature From The Sea Is Coming - See The Trailer For POSEIDON REX Here!

With the popularity of giant creature/monster movies like GODZILLA making headlines, that particular sub genre seems to have built up some momentum. Yet another creature is about to be born. POSEIDON REX is coming soon courtesy of director... read more

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Huge News On MTV's SCREAM Television Series! Guess Who Will Be Directing The Pilot!

The last time that we heard anything about MTV's SCREAM television series there were rumors of putting a supernatural twist on Ghostface. This new adaptation of Wes Craven’s classic has been something that fans seem torn about. Many would l... read more

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Fresh News For THE WALKING DEAD Season 5 - Plus A New Video!

THE WALKING DEAD Season 4 has now come to an end. The season finale set a new finale record with an impressive 15.7 million viewers. Fans have a long wait ahead of them until the show returns in October. The filming process for the new se... read more

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Be Nice Or She Will Kill - Find Out How In This Crazy Teaser Trailer For JUNE!

Currently in production with Canada's Raven Banner Entertainment comes the very first teaser trailer for L. Gustavo Cooper's independent Horror flick JUNE. The video has an interesting angle going on that should be fun to witness with an o... read more

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Awesome Making Of Video For PUMPKINHEAD!

Stan Winston's 1988 Horror Classic PUMPKINHEAD is a film in the group of they don't make 'em like that anymore. It managed to pull all of the components together. It had a creepy environment, an awesome villain, and a slew of amazingly crue... read more

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Brand New Trailer For THE PURGE: ANARCHY Has Arrived!

Just around a year ago THE PURGE hit the scene and caused a major buzz within the genre. Some fans really enjoyed the movie while some did not but everyone was aware of the film no doubt about it. Last month we shared with you the first te... read more

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New WALKING DEAD Images- Posters- Videos For The Season Finale Inside!

Since the invasion took place on the prison, the core group has faced many challenges during the second half of this season of THE WALKING DEAD. Forced into separate groups they each seek to find shelter, surviving as best as the can. We ha... read more

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